May 17, 2015

Be Kind To Wheelchairs

Many of you know -- or maybe don't know -- that my wife makes use of a wheelchair when we are out due to a couple of medical conditions. Most folks are quite decent when we meet them -- but it seems like when we frequently meet some of the other sort of folks when we are out at a ball game, a play, or a concert.

And we have met some real winners over the years.

But Friday night was the most outrageous experience we have had in a long time. He kicked that big hind wheel not once, not twice, but three times -- and I'm talking with the force necessary to kick a field goal, not incidental contact. She was a frustrated drummer who decided that the handles were great to use to keep time with the beat of the music. Repeated glares did nothing to alleviate the problem. Rolling forward wasn't an option -- not if we were going to allow people to pass through the aisle in front of us. I finally stood up at intermission after one particularly brutal kick of the wheel, turned, leaned over the row and explained pointedly that they did not want to make any contact with the wheelchair for the rest of the evening if they didn't want me having the usher getting a police officer so we could file assault charges. At that point, things got better.

A bit later, I posted about it to Facebook. The response was so positive that I made this graphic. Please feel free to share it or repost it anywhere you want -- the message must get out.


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May 15, 2015

Hillary Declares That Any SCOTUS Nominee Will Be Ethically Unfit To Serve On High Court

Not too many days ago, former Texas governor Rick Perry noted that the 2016 presidential election is of great importance because it will decide the sort of justices that end up on the Supreme Court, given the advanced age and health issues of several sitting justices. Hillary Clinton has now made this a major issue by indicating that she is going to demand a commitment on the part of any nominee to pre-judge the outcome of cases and promise to overturn a precedent that she opposes.

Hillary Clinton told a group of her top fundraisers Thursday that if she is elected president, her nominees to the Supreme Court will have to share her belief that the court's 2010 Citizens United decision must be overturned, according to people who heard her remarks.

Clinton's emphatic opposition to the ruling, which allowed corporations and unions to spend unlimited sums on independent political activity, garnered the strongest applause of the afternoon from the more than 200 party financiers gathered in Brooklyn for a closed-door briefing from the Democratic candidate and her senior aides, according to some of those present.

"She got major applause when she said would not name anybody to the Supreme Court unless she has assurances that they would overturn" the decision, said one attendee, who, like others, requested anonymity to describe the private session.

If the make-up of the court does not change by 2017, four of the justices will be 78 years of age or older by the time the next president is inaugurated.

Clintons pledge to use opposition to Citizens United as a litmus test for Supreme Court nominees echoes the stance taken by Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who is challenging her for the Democratic nomination.

Such a commitment would make any nominee unfit for confirmation. Set aside, if you will, your opinion of the decision in Citizens United. It is never appropriate for a president to extract such a commitment from a nominee to any court. What would be the response be to a Republican candidate who stated that he/she would not nominate anyone to the High Court who did not commit to overturning Roe v. Wade or the impending decision that is likely to constitutionalize a right to gay marriage? There would be howls of outrage, and any nominee made by that candidate if elected would be viewed as falling outside the ethical norms of the legal profession because a judge is supposed to judge based upon the facts, the law, and the Constitution, not upon the whims and campaign promises of the president who put them on the bench.

The proper response? Any GOP candidate for US Senate must commit to rejecting each and every Clinton judicial nominee especially Supreme Court nominees as irremediably tainted by Mrs. Clintons remark.

Doug Mataconis has a great take on Citizens United and Hillarys pledge over at Outside the Beltway.

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